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Community Mediation Services offers multiple kinds of training.


Mediation offers many opportunities for community service, as well as career development. To plan your training activity, you should decide if you are looking for a career change or a volunteer opportunity.

All mediation — volunteer or professional — requires structured, approved training.

You might choose one of many paths to mediation training, depending on your goals:

  • If you want to become a volunteer mediator, you’ll need to complete a mediation training course (either general civil or domestic) and a hands-on internship. General civil mediation training is offered by Community Mediation Services, as well as many of the other centers throughout Michigan.

  • If you want to be a court-approved mediator, you must complete either general civil mediation training or domestic mediation training, depending on the types of cases you wish to mediate.


You can learn about the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) requirements via the Michigan state website. You can also find a list of general civil and domestic mediation training classes through the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) or by clicking here. If you want to become a professional mediator, we suggest you explore career opportunities through an organization such as the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute.

Class in Progress


Workshops can be designed special for your Business team or Community needs. Workshops on how to diffuse difficult conversations or aggressive behaviors can often time be beneficial for an event and to ensure all staff and volunteers are comfortable volunteering for events.

Learning enhanced communication skills and conflict management techniques is an incredible asset to a company's culture. Having leadership and management trained in conflict skills is an exceptional element at any company; but, when the whole staff is trained in effective, non-aggressive communication and conflict management techniques, company culture becomes tremendously enhanced.

Adult Education Course


Domestic Mediator Training MCR 3.216

For Interested Volunteers in Northern Michigan

Gain the knowledge and skills to become a Domestic trained MEDIATOR. Help others resolve conflict personally and professionally. Learn and practice the mediation process:

How to listen effectively

How to ask the right kind of questions

How to deal with difficult behavior

How to help the parties get beyond impasse to achieve satisfying resolutions

Outstanding TRAINING.

This highly interactive training is tailored for mediators seeking to handle issues regarding divorces, parenting time, child custody, child support, spousal support, property and/or debt distribution and other family law matters. Training participants will receive substantive training and learn techniques in mediation skill building. Training methods include role plays, large and small group discussions, brief lectures and other exercises.

REDUCED NEW Volunteer Cost: $100.00

Included at this cost: Course materials, lunch and Training Certificate

Post-Training observation and co-mediation time is included and will be scheduled on an individual basis for all future volunteer mediators.

Contact us today to register or learn more about volunteering as a mediator!

989-732-1576 or

Please Note: This training is a State Court Administrative Approved MCR 3.216 for Court Roster Mediators

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