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White Wooden House

Mediation can help with many of the Real Estate issues you may have when purchasing property or selling a home or acres/parcel of land.

If there are disagreements on a home inspection, good faith deposits, purchase agreement or maybe the expectations of moving in or moving out dates or any issue with purchasing or selling. A conversation with a neutral mediator may help resolve the issue, saving time, money and resources for all the parties involved.

In some cases your local realtor may attend to, they could be there as the expert you hired to sell or purchase. In other cases, it might be just the buyer and seller in the discussion.

Mediation can be the first step to resolve the issue, you can have an attorney or be unrepresented , you may have a court case or you can mediate before filing a court case.

If you reach an agreement in Mediation, it is a legal and binding agreement/contract.

If you don't reach an agreement you will at minimum have a better understanding of the issues. All of your legal rights remain in tact, so you can still file a court case, request an arbitrator or take another avenue.

Mediation is typically scheduled within 7 days of your request and held within 14 days. Don't wait to enjoy the sale or purchase, call today, if you need assistance. 

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