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Volunteer Mediators:

Being a volunteer mediator can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Every case brings a new set of problems that need solving, feelings that need calming, relationships that need repairing. Not every mediation ends in agreement. But those that do often leave us with a feeling of satisfaction that is uniquely rewarding and different from any other volunteer experience you may have had in the past.

Having said that, not everyone is cut out for being a volunteer mediator.

Here are some qualities that a good mediator tends to have:

1.   A strong sense of empathy with the problems, situations, and feelings of others

2.   The ability to stay neutral even when your heart clearly wants to side with one party or the other

3.   A non-judgmental attitude, as free of stereotypes and generalities as possible

4.   The ability to take yourself out of the equation. You may have had a similar problem as your clients in the past but your focus must always be on helping your clients reach their own conclusions and their own solutions

5.   Punctuality. If you have a habit of being late or missing appointments, this is NOT the volunteer experience for you!

6.   Disciplined and able to summarize issues and solutions clearly and succinctly. There are specific forms used by the courts that must be filed for each case. Since a signed agreement is the same as a legal contract, learning to write good agreements is an essential skill for a mediator.

7.   A natural curiosity that makes you eager to continue learning how to get better as a mediator.

All volunteer mediators must take the basic 40-hour civil mediation course that is offered around the state at other State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) supported mediation centers.  If you have some or all of the qualities listed above, plus a warm, approachable personality please fill out the Volunteer Mediator Form below.

Volunteer Mediator Form
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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