Benefits of Mediation

I Should Try Mediation Because…

It works! — Mediation is a “win-win” rather than a “win-lose” solution. 

It’s convenient! — Most mediation sessions are scheduled within two weeks in your hometown and most disputes are resolved in one meeting.

It’s confidential! — Almost everything disclosed during mediation is confidential and cannot be used in a lawsuit.

It’s affordable! — Court costs and attorney fees can be avoided or reduced. 

It’s cooperative, not adversarial! — Mediation provides a comfortable, safe and respectful setting for discussion.

It protects your legal remedies! — If mediation does not result in an agreement; you can still go to court.

It allows you to have control of the outcome! In the mediation process, the people involved in the situation are the ones who control the outcome and create an agreement that works for them.

It’s forward-looking! Mediation focuses on what the issues are now, how they can be resolved, and what can be done to avoid similar problems in the future