Parenting Time

Parenting Time Mediation

Develop a “blueprint” for how your children will be co-parented from separate 

households- you design what will work for you and your children!

Parenting Time Mediation is the process used to resolve issues regarding parenting time schedules. It is an opportunity for parents to jointly make decisions regarding their roles as parents, their time with their child/children and the relationship they plan to have. As parents for life, the process allows parents to communicate about and advocate for the needs of the child today.

What might make up your “blueprint”

  • custody, parenting time
  • transition plans
  • holidays
  • vacations
  • access to school and medical records
  • decision making
  • participation and support of activities
  • communication between mother and father
  • children’s communication with parents and family
  • children’s communication with parents and family
  • childcare providers

Complaints regarding parenting time- Call us today!

You may qualify for a free or low cost mediation, supervised parenting time, and or neutral drop-off and exchange program through the Access and Visitation Mediation Program goals are to increase the noncustodial parent’s time and the relationship between the children with both the custodial and noncustodial parents. This program is funded by a Federal Grant for Michigan to provide services’ that increase noncustodial parents’ access to and visitation with their children. Ask us about it or talk to your Friend of the Court case worker.

Why Mediation Works?

  • Parents Control the Results. Parents know best what their children need and what works best for them. Finding a solution together avoids having a solution imposed by the court, which may be neither party’s preference.

  • Save Time and Money. If parents can reach an agreement, the costs and time associated with attending court hearings can be avoided.

  • Reduce Future Conflict. Mediation is less stressful than court hearings for both parents and can set a positive course for future interactions between the parents.

Resources - Parenting Time, Custody, Child Support, Guidelines, services

Parenting Time Mediation Brochure

Parenting Time Guideline Booklet

Parenting time is the time that a child spends with his or her parent. A child needs both parents' affection and support. When the parents do not live together, separate parenting time lets each parent continue to develop a strong relationship with the child.

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